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                                                                Welcome To Wyldrvir!

The Flags!

Welcome to Wyldrvir! The banners of our 6 city states: Torren, Cindir, Inoven, Meratoll, Oaa, and Shardelia line up to greet you.

A totally free TTRPG that has been working in a combat free and wholesome Saturday morning cartoon style of world with adorable art and simple roleplay focused storytelling!

 This book is a PDF Version of the core rule document if you would like to download it this way!  This book is all you need to start a campaign in this world. It has amazing art from the talented Crowva, and extra content thanks to the year of work we have done! We spent time upgrading our year old core book into something still easy to read but full of new content to get you into the world, and starting your journey! This download comes with the stunning pdf of our core book, a character sheet download to start playing, and a oneshot so you have a story to tell right from the get go!

Huge thank you to Eternal Sushi for writing music for our game! 

The Podcast Kids

Travelers from the World of Wyldrvir Podcast!

We are a team of young adult writers ages ranging from 18-21 and we have been making this game for a year! When we started making Wyldrvir, we wrote all our content on Google Docs and they still exist! In fact all our content is free on Google Drive at: This Link here!

World of Wyldrvir Map

The map to our games world! Ready to be filled in during your travels!

 Wyldrvir also has a podcast and Discord server which you can link from here: https://worldofwyldrvir.carrd.co/.  Feel free to join us there for a community of server games, awesome creators, and of course where you can ask any questions about our world to us! We would love to have you! Huge thanks to you for considering downloading our first fully mastered and completed book, good luck on all of your journeys! 


What is this new and mysterious friend?!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Development log


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I had "World of Wyldrvir Core Book", as I purchased it as a bundle to help Palestine. Why was it removed if I may ask?

I had accidentally put the beta version instead of the Anniversary Edition in that bundle. That version is removed to make space for the more refined edition here. I am super sorry about that 


No worries! I was merely curious as your game is very nice and I thought something had happened. Thank you for the response.

Thank you so much! Honestly I feel a little silly about that slip since I fully intended to give that bundle the nice and shiny version. If you or other folks who got it from that bundle want the nicer version lmk and I will defo send an itch download code or whatever they're called! 


I’m new to the world of TTRPG, how many players can I play this with? Is it the standard GM + 2 or more players?

Yes! It is the usual set up :D 


This is so cute and I love the character creation! I might play around with the mechanics and design some fan-content soon!

We would love to see that that is so awesome :D